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Journal Papers
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Personalized Privacy Preserving Method for Social Networks Graph k-Anonymization October 2023
Star edge coloring of the Cartesian product of graphs January 2021
A polynomial time algorithm to find the star chromatic index of trees January 2021
Fostering Peer Learning with a Game-Theoretical Approach in a Blended Learning Environment August 2021
Star edge coloring of Cactus graphs February 2020
Clique-coloring of K3, 3-minor free graphs December 2019
Injective chromatic number of outer planar graphs August 2019
A characterization of some graphs with metric dimension two April 2017
Star coloring and tree-width of Kneser graph KG(n; 2) March 2017
Some lower bounds for the L-intersection number of graphs April 2016
On the locating chromatic number of the cartesian product of graphs April 2016
Complexity reduction of throughput optimal link scheduling algorithm through topology control in wireless networks April 2016
On incidence coloring for some graphs of maximum degree 4 January 2016
Edge clique covering sum of graphs February 2016
Critical Hamiltonian connected graphs April 2016
Local clique covering of claw-free graphs January 2016
Pairwise balanced designs and sigma clique partitions January 2016
Characterization of randomly k-dimensional graphs July 2016
Small oriented cycle double cover of graphs January 2016
Unique basis graphs October 2016
On the 1-2-3-conjecture January 2015
On the oriented perfect path double cover conjecture January 2015
On the simultaneous edge coloring of graphs January 2014
Characterization of n-vertex graphs with metric‎‎ dimension n-3 January 2014
An optimal traffic distribution method supporting end-to-end delay bound February 2014
An upper bound for the total restrained domination number of graphs January 2013
The impact of network topology on delay bound in wireless Ad Hoc networks January 2013
Max-min total restrained domination number January 2013
On the total restrained domination edge critical graphs January 2013
On construction of involutory MDS matrice from Vandermonde Matrices in GF(2q) January 2012
On b-coloring of cartesian product of graphs January 2012
The metric dimension of the lexicographic product of graphs November 2012
On randomly k-dimentional graphs January 2011
On the locating chromatic number of Kneser graphs January 2011
On b-coloring of Kneser graphs January 2009
Locally rainbow graphs January 2009
Constructing regular graphs with smallest defining number January 2009
On the local colorings of graphs January 2008
Local coloring of the Kneser graphs January 2008
On the defining sets of some special graphs January 2006
Smallest defining number of r-regular k-chromatic graphs: r≠k. Ars Combinatoria January 2006
Chromatic equivalence classes of certain generalized polygon trees III January 2003
Chromatic equivalence classes of certain generalized polygon trees II January 2003
Chromatic equivalence classes of certain cycles with edges January 2001
Conference Papers
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Graph Coloring: Various Types, Applications and Open Problems August 2019
Star Edge Coloring of Cactus Graphs August 2019
A Havel-Hakimi type problem for oriented graphs August 2019
Star Edge Coloring of Cartesian Product of Graphs July 2018
Bounds on Some Variants of Clique Cover Numbers August 2015
An Enforced Hill Climbing Based System for General Game Playing September 2015
Set Intersection Representations of Graphs October 2015
Bike Share Station Location using Graph Domination Set in Graphs February 2014
Metric Dimension of Graphs May 2014
2-Trees with Metric Dimension Two August 2013
Some Graphs with Vertex-Coloring 2-Edge Weighting August 2013
On Vertex-Coloring 2-Edge-Weighting of Graphs November 2012
Randomly Dimensional Graphs August 2012
Locating Chromatic Number of Graphs August 2012
Characterization of a Class of Hamiltonian Connected Graphs September 2010
The Incidence Chromatic Number of Graphs with Maximum Degree Four September 2010
A Note on the p-Prime Algorithm for Solving the Maximum Independent Set Problem October 2009
On the Star Coloring of Graphs August 2009
On the Total Restrained Domination Number October 2008
On the Dominating Coloring September 2007
On the b-Coloring of Some Special Graphs July 2007
Local Chromatic Number of Graphs September 2006
Distance Locating Sets in Graphs January 2005
On the Defining Numbers of Cartesian Product of Cycles July 2003
Chromatic Classes of Certain 2-Connected Graphs September 2002
Chromaticity of Generalised Polygon Trees July 2000
A New Bound for Defining Numbers of Regular Graphs March 2000
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Combinatorial Game Theory April 1390

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